Finaly the moment of truth arrived. After some complications we had with administration and setting things the  right way, we are able to officialy anounce the winner of the High-School Contest 2012. This year, the battle went down between the two classes of the same high-school in Ljubljana, Gimnazija Ledina. In one corner we had 4.A Gimnazija Ledina and in the other, 4.D Gimnazija Ledina. 


After submititing the scripts in the last days, both clases went on a voting list for the grand prize. Meanwhile we took a look at the scripts they had sent us. Both scripts were based on the same story of remaking the EX-YU movie hit "Ko to tamo peva". 


Below you can see the official results of Facebook voting. According to the report, we did not register any kind of illegal voting. 4.D won the competition with 364 votes more than 4.A class and got away with the 100% voting points, which were dedicated to this section. 

4.A Gim Ledina - 857 / 1221 = 70 pts

4.D Gim Ledina - 1221 / 1221 = 100 pts



As cleared before, both scripts were based  on the same idea. It must be a big coinsidence to write something so similar or one of them is out of ideas. We ranked the scripts in the following categories : Initial idea, Creativity value, Cinematic approach, Production complexity and Our Interest.

4.A Gim Ledina - ( 7/20, 10/20, 11/20, 7/20, 8/20)   43 / 100 =  43 pts

4.D Gim Ledina - ( 7/20, 8/20, 7/20, 10/20, 7/20)  39 / 100 = 39 pts


 We officialy announce 4.D Gimnazija Ledina as the 1st High School Contest winner in 2012. Congratulations, you will be contacted on your emails. 

4.A Gimnazija Ledina = 47,5%

4.D Gimnazija Ledina = 60,0 % (WINNER)