We are happy to announce our newest client Klub Cirkus in Ljubljana. We hooked them up with a social network television Cirkus TV located on Vimeo website. You will be able to experience the thrill and vibe of the "big" partys, check the upcoming events, short clips and bunch of other stuff which will take place in one of the biggest clubs in Ljubljana.




Starting of with a report of Slovenian Flair Open, our job continued with a 3D intro animation and animation for programme overview as well as the reports of the Gramophonedzie, Fashionista Party etc. The production itself is quite a challange every time due the low light filming conditions which lead us to a DSLR camera. DSLR (Digital semi reflex lens) cameras enable us to film in the low light conditions because the of the  large sensor, but for a terrible price. Those are professional photographer tools and many people think that production team ( usualy consists of two filmers ) is taking pictures of the event instead of filming them. It really makes the conditions even worse, when the people start to pose or be impatient if you are not totally interested in making of their photos (but that is nothing new). 




Cirkus TV Channel : http://vimeo.com/channels/cirkustv

Cirkus Flair Open : http://vimeo.com/33033435 

Cirkus Gramophonedzie : http://vimeo.com/33504290 

Cirkus Fashionista Party : http://vimeo.com/35133382 

Cirkus Shermanology LIVE : http://vimeo.com/35563168 

Cirkus Program Schedule : http://vimeo.com/34633807