One of the biggest events/parties in the history of Slovenia was scheduled for 15th of December. After some failed video-production negotiations with one of the event sponsors, we thougt we will miss a hell of the party in the Arena StoĹžice. It all seemed as a nice lazy eveneng until 1 hour before the show our D.O.P.  got the call and a job to film some stuff on the event and make some photos. With the unexpected project on the way, we picked up some basic production equipment and went to the big show (big ups go to Sebastjan, who had all the camera batteries charged and set). The company we were working for was B-Projekt, who had to deal with the live-stream service and got the extra last minute job for the official Red X-Mas trailer (we didnt know that until we got there).  To film an official trailer with basic equipment which consisted of a Canon EOS 5D with a 11-16mm 2.8 Lens and 24-70mm Lens and 16GB CF card, was a mission impossible but it went good. Thanks go to my friends Dominik and Matic who helped me with some zoom and closeup lanses

You will be able to see the teaser soon.