The first official Setup Production party was a great success ! Thank you everyone who joined and partied with us on saturday November 12th in The Cube ! Great vibe, a huge crowd, good music and tons of extra valued stuff are just a few describtion facts.  For the next event we will try to go even bigger and better ! In meanwhile you can see some photos in on your left panel.



Thanks go to our very young but professional organization team listed below. The team  is the responsible for this extraordinary event. Everybody was pushing it to the next limit and it turned out better as we planed. 

  • MARK PIRC - head organizer, media meanagaer
  • ROK LOŽAR - technical director and supervisor
  • LAN BELIČ - technical support an promotion 
  • MONIKA MALGAJ - PR and VIP host 
  • SEBASTJAN OBLAK - event photographer
  • PRIMOŽ BREGAR- red carpet photography 
  • TILEN REP - Media assist and organisation 
  • B-PROJEKT - Sound and visual equipment supprot 
  • ALESSA LIGHTING - Light equipment and vizualisation support
  • THE CUBE - bar management
  • VALINA VAROVANJE - Security staff



With a vary late promotion, we did on purpose to distract some of the guests of the big party, which was just a day before our event, we managed to get the following results. 8 days before the event, we lucnhed the "Teaser for the Party". The next day, we did a giant Facebook  advartising campaign which included over 10.000 people on the facebook. With the good feedback, we were very pleased to have more than 850 confirmed guests within less than 24-hours. In the last 6 days the rest of the 1.236 people confirmed the attendance. The party was huge success in any kind of direction. Banging audio system, video demonstration, event media coverage, DJ sets, welcome gifts and prizes contributed its part into a whole thing. We were proud to host our guests and we hope we will be able to do it again soon!