After the first easy session with the Artifex crew a few weeks ago, this cooperation came to the main deal, the dance promo of the crew. The association was based on this particular project, which has to blow everybodys mind (that was the deal). After a few months of preparations, story development and location hunting we finally came to the final act, which is the production of the video. The story we want to present is based on their unique masks, clothing and dance style. We wanted to involve stuff that was not seen before in a dance world, a story which connects the whole video togeather and presents the crew in a stylish, highly-professional, viewrs and dancers accepted product.


The story talks about an abandoned wearhouse full of creepy stuff and living dance creatures in it. The creatures feel shy and don't want to uncover their masks at any costs but at the same time they lead us to thair secret spot where they plant a showoff in a dance hall. There was no script for the story, we got there, got some ideas because we saw the most stuff for the first time, and just shot it...


The production team consisted of 5/7 Artifex crew members ( Tadej Premk, Aleš Trdin, Miha Furlan, Žan Jeršin and Jan Marolt ), because Žiga Mlakar and Tilen Jeras didn't have time to come to the shootings. The Artifex crew wanted to came up with an original idea for the coreography which was done by Aleš Trdin. After talking to the guys, they said they have never danced such a fast coreography and never spent so much time rehersing a single 40-second act. On the other side we did our job in the following team. Mark Pirc took the directing, D.O.P. and Post-production role, photograpy and B camera was done by Rok Kutin, making of feature was produced by Sebastjan Oblak and Rok Ložar, who was also technician as well as Tim Gruenfeld. We shot on 1080p format with Canon 5D camera, used 4KW of lightning as well as 1.5KW smokemachine, 2 x 2KW of generators, lenses 11-16mm,17-50mm, 35mm, 50mm, 24-70mm. The filming technique was based on crane movement and dolly slider with a shallow depth of field.


We hope you will like The Artifex video and you will share it with other people. You can read a story below or take a look at some making of photos!