Making of #4 - GoClick

The last month we were mostly focusing on the new viral video for the internet marketing agency we are currently working with (GoClick). We came up the initial idea with some speciffic wishes of the amazing GoClick crew. We just passed the "grand test" yesterday, which is the unofficial presentation of the whole project, and we would like to share some thought with you ! 






GoClick is a team of experts which offer professional service in internet marketing and media production solutions. We are working togeather for a few months now and I think we got their trust and belief to make and plan their own viral video, which must get attention of all ther potential and current clients. Because the company just gor a nice new corporate identity with all the design stuff deiled out, we had the include it all in the whole thing as a package. Here are some situations we faced and successfully manage to sort out. 




The first thing we notice besides the logo, is companies slogan. In this case the slogan is "Global touch", because the team takes care for tons of media campaigns all around the world. So first situation was how to present it and proof its intention. Mark came out with the idea of beginning the story on different continents, with different sunrises in a time lapse technique. How to do it in 1 week ? We prefer producting the footage to stock footage, but in this case in buget conditions, we had no other choices. We strongly recomend our solution, which is iStockPhoto website . Within a few minutes, we were able to purchase the footage and download it in full 1080p quality. Not all the footage was good, so we came to the following rules, that we would like to share with you. 

  • Buy it on checked pages
  • Buy it in worst case scenario
  • Make sure you know what exacty do you need
  • Make yourself a "Stock footage buget



Again all the ups go to the both, Goclick and Setup Production teams. Thanks go to Alen Pavlič and the rest of the GoClick crew for the trust and cooperation. Thanks go also to GoClick's bussines partners who showed up for some shots. Mark Pirc took the Directing / DOP / Post-production, Primož Bregar made the making of photos and prepared all the lightning setup, which turned out amazing. Max Košenina and Sebastjan Oblak assisted as organizator and DOP assistants for the whole shooting, and contributet a very quick workflow of the project. Nataša Križman did the good job with make up for all the actors. Last but not least thanks go to Monika Malgaj for the transportantion of the crew ( gotta call her transportation services on - 041782957 ).