A few months ago we were able to cooperate with the amazing Artifex Crew, who did very good at Slovenia's Gor Talent Show. After the release of the "Artifex HD" movie , the feedback was amazing. We recived so many emails and so many invitations for work, that we could not imagine. The Artifex video went abroad and got published in the US. It was featured in the worlds biggest dance production show from YAK films - New York. Shortly after, we got contacted by Viki Čerček, one of the best dance choreographers in Slovenia, who works worldwide and really has amazing quality. We set up a meeting, where we found out we can cooperate in another dance project, which must be way bigger.



The idea was to combine the choreo and an acting story, make it look like a movie and share it with people. With our past experience we knew we need to infolve as much people into the story as we can in order to achieve the best results. Because our director Mark Pirc did not have time to make and develop a script, it was done by Viki and her team. A major amount of work in the movie's pre-production was done by very talanted Mikica Stojanovič. She wrote an amazing script and organized the production work for the shooting. As an asssistant director and main organiser we really thank her for all the energy she contributed to the project.

The initial idea was to present 4 girls who are being treated badly by the same guy. One is cheaded, second has no given attention, third is extremely bored and the fourth is abused. All four realize they need to stop the current situation and blow the guys mind up. Luckily we know the perfect Johnny Depp look-a-like guy who can acctually act. Gaj Levič took the main role and performed on a very high level. Besides Gaj, the dance girls took the actiong role in each of their own situations and also performed really really good. It was so good to work with people who know what is needed and what exactly needs to be done. GOOD JOB !!!



On the other side Viki Čerček began with the search for the female dancers we needed. She was really looking for some girls with the same style, same sort of crazieness and good looks. With no trouble, she found the prefect girls in no time. The head dancers roles were given to beautifull Andreja Vakselj, Aja Franca, Barbara Šušteršič and Urša Klavs. With the dancers dailed in, it was time for choreography, which was based on DJ Dey's remix of Goodbye Baby - Miss A track. The choreo is devided into 4 acts which are strongly supported by the video st



The videos direction went to Mark Pirc, who took also the D.O.P. role and the whole post production of the work. Due to the recent tight production schedule of Setup Production this video went out a couple of weeks late but with a 100% given dedication. As said before, Mikica Stojanovič did an amazing job with all the pre-production stuff and was directors right hand on the shootings. Max Košenina was the additional D.O.P. on two shootings, Anja Kert did the best make up we have ever seen and took over the fashion design along with Blaž Čuk and Kristina Lovko. The pro tatoo artist we had is Marijo Bijelič.


The project turned out way better as we expected and we hope you like it too!   





Sandra&Marko Sarač, Robert Španja, Bogdan Vonča, Kafetarija Raj, 
Dance school Bolero, Kazina Svet Plesa


Article by | Mark Pirc  

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