Because we were involved with the high-school prom night class presentations for the past 2 years, we feel obligated to give something back in return to our fans and supporters. We decided to make a contest for all the classes of Slovenian high schools and invite them to compete and win the grand prize of the 100% FREE, professional made class presentation video, which will stand out this year above all others. 


We received over 30 requests for this year's prom video shoot and since we don't have that much time right now to bring every single project to the next level, we want to make just one this year, which is going to be absolutely outstanding. It will be made with our full devotion and shot with all our available equipment. With all the attention of our crew, we can make your dream presentation become a reality. All you have to do is follow the instructions below and make sure you win it! 



  • STEP 1. Write a one page long script about your idea for the movie (the more exact it is, the better options you have). Title the document with the following information: "School+Class+Letter"(GimnazijaBežigrad-4-A) and then send it as a (.doc, .docx or .pdf) document to our email ( info@setupproduction.si ) 
  • STEP 2. After receiving the email, we will read it and each script will be scored from 1 - 50 points by five members of the Setup Production Team (Mark Pirc, Rok Kutin, Max Košenina, Primož Bregar and Rok Ložar). The script's score presents 50% of the total score. 
  • STEP 3. When we receive the email, we will also add an icon (school+class+letter) for your class under this post and put the Facebook like button next to it. Points will be awarded to the scripts based on the number of likes it got. Voting presents another 50% of the total score. 


  1. Scripts must be submitted until February 28th, 23:59 (Scripts sent after the deadline will not be accepted) 
  2. Voting with Facebook likes closes on March 23rd at 23:59 (print screen will be made on March 4th at 23.59) 
  3. The winners will be announced on March 25th

  1. Gimnazija Jožeta Plečnika with 25.000+ views : Watch Video
  2. Gimnnazija Poljane with 10.000 + views : Watch Video
  3. Gimnazija Poljane with 8.000 + views : Watch Video