Last Friday we were invited to teach and have our own class of "Video production and management" at Srednja Ekonomska Šola, Novo Mesto. It was a 2 hour long class where we were talking about the basic video production requirements and project management. The feedback from the crowd was absolutely amazing and we were happy to educate and share knowledge with the young people, because we were not able to get this kind of practical first-hand knowledge when we started our own way. Despite some other projects connected with film education coming up really soon, we still wanted to use this post as the source for all the young peolpe, who want to progress and learn, but don't know where. 



The worlds most popular film maker society network. On behalf of Youtube home made videos, Vimeo stands for cinematic approach towards the video product. You are able to use the filters such as cartegories and groups, for searching a speciffic ganres or topics. You can find the most interesting movies and ideas in the HD Channel which is updated by the vimeo staff, or some experimental filmmaking and ideas in the Staff Picks section. The possibilities are endless and you can try it your own way as well as to register with your own account and share your own video products. 



One of the best ways to get involved with the current trends, gear and techniques is to follow the world's most known filmmakers blogs. Down below we listed some of the blogs we like and follow on daily basis to check the progression and stuff they are dealing with. Hopefully our website becomes some sort of that kind of blog in the future.



One of the most common goals of filmmakers is progression. Besides the theoretical knowledge you have to practise and experience the filming process. You have to think how to shoot and edit  it by reasearching the techniques, appropriate equipment and post production process of your workflow.  Always research the whole market, not just low-mid buget, think in long term and look towards the "heavy artillery", because sooner or later you will be able to work on those stuff if you keep progressing and improving.  We strongly recomend the folowing websites, where you can find many stories, tutorials and practical experience from the people in theese comunities.


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